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LGBT Human Rights NASH MIR Center

E-mail: coordinator(AT)gay.org.ua
Telephone/fax: +380 44 296-34-24
Address: P.O. Box 173, Kiev, 02100, Ukraine
Web: http://gay.org.ua
Contact person: Mr. Andriy Maymulakhin, Coordinator of Nash Mir
Paving the way to changes: slow yet significant developments in anti-discrimiantion legislation in Ukraine The field of promoting equality and non-discrimination in Ukraine saw several significant developments in the beginning of May. First, there was the adoption of the bill 4581 "On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine (On Preventing and Combating Discrimination)". Secondly, the High...
Plans of the Ukrainian Government to fulfil its commitments to the European Union within the Visa Liberalization Action Plan regarding anti-discrimination legislation As we have found out, in late April the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU sent to the European Commission a letter in which, inter alia, he informed the European partners regarding implementation by Ukraine of its obligations under the Plan for visa liberalization. According to him, the Ukrainian...
Crimea bans Pride as Russia anti-gay law is imposed This is the first time LGBTI people in the peninsula have been forced to live under Russian homophobic rules since the beginning of the Crimea crisis 14 APRIL 2014 | BY JOE MORGAN http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/crimea-bans-pride-russia-anti-gay-law-imposed140414 Photo by Human...

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